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wesolych swiat

The Christmas of 2009 will be remembered by most people as the snowy one. It was the same for us, this is about 2 weeks a year when you think having a Subaru would be be swell but then you are glad you can save all the gas money for the other 50 weeks. Holidays […]


Megan and I went to Manawa for some Snowshoeing early saturday morning it was good time.

Megan is pt-cruising on snowmobile packed green part of the trail

What’s that Megan you want to see a deer this big.. no problem just keep on […]

Pipestone, MN

Yesterday I came back from Pipestone, MN the local claim it’s home of the peace pipe and who can argue with them as far as I know that’s the only giant piece pipe that I have seen in the middle of the town. Yes it was cold you know YA


whole bat, man

Snow to deep to ride @Manawa Saturday morning. T-bone, Chris G and I went for little riding in downtown good time for sure. I might need to get me some winter boots since I do spend some time outside. With more snow coming this week and low temps looks like Megan and I […]

Trip to STL

While everyone one back @OMA/@LIN was surviving the worst winter ever… even worse than anything exepriecene by Micheal Landon’s fictional family in middle of the prairie… Well I was not there man…. I was @STL for work at Jefferson Expansion Memorial, actually I’m here until Friday night. I took some pictures of both […]

time to make plans

Do you ever just sit around listening to Bruce Springsteen and think what could of been? I think boss’ songs as those of unfulfilled promises and hopes especially in context of U.S.. Anyway enough of my music pondering. Looks like plans for 2010 racing are slowly formulating, DK200 field limit just grew 33% bring it […]