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This is one of the best reasons to ride your bike.. Right before winter solstice you can see a lot of cool sunrises sunsets they are pretty epic. Last night western sky gave a awesome shades of red.

Turkey weekend probably some biking and eating in order might […]

cranksgiving and waiting

Saturday was 3rd annual Cranksgiving at Bike masters. It wasp pretty fun times lots of faces, some of the fresh from their abstencia out there good time and good people. Thanks for Brian and all the volunteers that made the event possible you guys spend a lot of time to make sure the event is […]

solitary set

Wed was Veterans day or Armistice Day or Independence Day if you Polish. Regardless with 60 degrees it was time to go and ride solo for couple of hours.

Had a pepsi max and banana at Treyor and got back home good 70 miles in

Wabash […]

gravel and foccus

Saturday I met up with Munson crew, Brady and Vaughn to get some miles in at sweet loess hills of Iowa. The weather was set to be perfect not often you can ride out from you house without knew warmers or toe covers in November. After some deliberations and litany of excuses 😀 Brady decided […]

Spooks on Spokes

Halloween day I rode out my bike to an event put on by Mike D and his lovely wife, the ride was pretty nice, a bit chilly, but nothing to write home about. It was a scavenger hunt of sorts which involved finding some ribbons and getting artifacts from various west Omaha establishments and some […]