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all things must pass

Just like George Harrison album the xc racing season for me is over. This last weekend was last race of psychopath series at Manawa. I decided to ride 2 races, Cat3 and Single speed. If I knew two guys from Norfolk wouldn’t show up I would most likely ride marathon, oh well I didn’t know […]


It pretty much went summer to fall in matter of a week. Fall means fog, and knickers and stuffing your face with food.

Things are getting ramped up on the wedding front stay posted.


Polo time almost

My polo bike conversion is almost complete, the old Raleigh m80 lost some gears got rebuild bottom bracket and gained new front bb7 brake, some spacers and new cog. Just waiting on my singulator and we should be good to go. This Sunday is last Bacon Ride of the year. It should be good riding […]

the question is?

With Rock Band Beatles being released today the question is? will they have a add-on for Yoko Ono where they game just disintegrates into giant fireball… I hope so.

dakota 5-0

Let just say that drive to south Dakota is long and laborious process which takes some time. There drive is pretty boring and windy, it was long and uneventful 8 hours in car. When we got to the Spearfish city campground the Omaha/Lincoln crew were just guarding the flame. The […]

back on mtb

So after week off from mtb bike it was time to climb the saddle and take it for spin. Legs okay. Bottom bracket not so much on top of that my hollowtech bbt tool went missing what the hell. 5-0 is this weekend perfect camping weather let hope for the best. I’m going […]