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GLGA recap

First of all I would like to thanks Corey and all the PCL volunteers for putting on a great event, there was even banana station in middle of nowhere, it was perfect event this can be only achieved by hard work and good attitudes. I would also like to thank MOD and Trek Omaha for […]

it’s better most of the times

Sun and fog looked pretty wicked this morning. Last night of good sleep up and at them early tomorrow morning for some gravel sweetness.

race against rain

In latest edition of race against rain, the gist of the story is I got my ass handed to me on 10th street less than mile away from work. I will be getting a ride back from someone as I have no dry clothes left.


getting ready

So you might of heard I like to bike some gravel. It’s true it’s true. The GLGA is less than 2 weeks away. Might as well fix up my bike before riding it most of the day. I know Cornbread loves hills, they’re his favorites for sure. The question becomes what gear ratio you should […]

hmm bacon hmm gravel

Join us for some bacon/gravel riding time… oh snap it should be good