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Cycling weekend

Megan went to Vegas to dominate penny slots and those weird frozen drinks at Fremont st. Corn Syrup and alcohol it’s like banana’s and blow. This will work out great for me I need some miles in before next weekend. Sky looked pretty weird yesterday on way to work. Bacon ride Sunday. In other news […]

patiently waiting

So some of you might know I’m bit of tech nerd. Some of you might know I have Iphone. Just like everyone else who has iphone i was pretty excited to try out Google voice on my phone. That was until apple yanked the app from the store ( bad bad apple i mean bad) […]

on it’s way

After getting soaked at Ponca earlier this year Megan and I have made an executive decision to get tent that doesn’t leak why not we still have couple of camping weekends left this year. Needless to say Big Agnes is on it’s way. Thanks for the heads up on new road bikes Mod. I might […]

tamiflu and wolves

That’s right I have the flu H1N(God knows what), which would explain why i don’t have much energy to do anything. I’m on day 3 of tamiflu not that much fun. The description that fits my current health could depicted with is below the influence from famous anti Pot campaign, he he. I hope I […]

there and back again

Well not it’s not story from Bilbo Baggins. As some of you know Megan and I took our Summer vacations to Peru. In short it was great. I read somewhere that people who travel overseas try to classify their travels as strangely unique where in reality their travels are pretty similar to all the other […]

this will be quick

We made it to cusco a first glance at andean culture first hand, very very cool. I feel like giant amongs little people. The high altitude was a bit of a adjustment but with help of coca leaves we┬┤re managing just fine. .

Now for the bad news we have to leave a day earier […]