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get up in 5.5 hours

To think that 5.5 hours later I would have to get up and get ready for work. Happy birthday Scott good ride last night… Always wear a helmet especially on Taco Ride p.s. photo lifted from scott

zero and ovegrown

Many people were brave the epic winds this weekend and went riding, as for me I didn’t see bicycle since getting back home from work on Friday. Megan graduated so we had a lot of celebrating to do drinking some merry monks eating good food and just relaxing with both of our families. All and […]

all you need to know

So battle royale was this weekend I’m not Beastie boy but here is what you need to know.

I started off really well forth into single track Dude from KC locked up the brakes I totally hit his back wheel Short fly over the bars messed up handlebar I’m in 6 or 7th Pass […]

racing and shrooming

So Saturday was my first race ever, I didn’t know what to expect to be honest I would like to think I was ready for it. The day started off early I we got the place early to get situation and all that jazz.. Registering getting ready yada yada yada. The field for Cat 3 […]

tubeless and psychopath

So last week I had epic tubeless failure, tire got messed i damm it. Since I like to tinker with stuff I figured no way will I be paying $20 for some sealant, i looked and looked and found this. I got all the stuff needed some antifreeze, latex mold stuff, tire sealant and Windex […]