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ahh crap oh and they are here

So the weekend could been nicer. It started off well enough I was going to go and meet some people at Swanson… I made it there the plan was to ride several labs before the rains this weekend. Not even a mile into the trail i jumped a log and apparently bumped my bead of […]

this american life

I must admit on of my guilty pleasures are NPR podcasts. This American life and Fresh Air are the two best shows running. In age of quick responses from talking heads and people who are always in hurry both of the shows try to bring the diffrent side of human experience, their shows make […]


OWH sometimes has funny stories as seen on their site “ While the Barenaked Ladies, who are actually fully clothed men, are the headliners, they don’t have a monopoly on the event, which runs July 16-19 at the Mid-America Center.” Really…. oh really… it’s super nice this week time to get some pedal action…. Weekend […]

sweet tan

Last week when I was in AZ i got sun burned pretty bad. Here is good example (left arm) Photo lifted from MOD. In other news my forks started to leak oil good thing it’s going to rain for next couple of days. P.S. If you free tonight you should totaly check out midwest […]

protesting away

So I usually just take pictures of stuff I see biking, it’s usually sunsets/sunrises etc. Yesterday I was coming back from work and saw the people protesting out side the courthouse, to be more precise Douglas county building. It was kind of a different experience. I’m surprised people didn’t protect up the street at federal […]

arizona dreaming

So Miss Megan an I decided to visit my brother in Tucson, AZ before he moves to Chicago. The timing of the trip couldn’t be any better… It was crappy and raining in good old Omaha. I got to see what the whole deicing of the plane, weird stuff. The plan for Arizona was simple […]