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Yesterday was the warmest day of the week, time to go and ride I though. T-bone and I dialed in this nice little loop from our neighborhood, no it’s nothing like arcade fire album…. well maybe a little bit. Any who it’s pretty good loop south Omaha Bridge ride to Manawa take a lap there […]

that’s more like it

Saturday morning I grabbed the right bike for the job and headed down to Swanson weirdly enough there was no one there at 9 am. Got good 4 laps in before my other duties became more pressing. Saturday was one of those days where you could ride whole day, but sometimes life gets in the […]

swanson on a cross bike

Yesterday, I decided to go and ride some Gravel with the TNR crew. I show up to Martin’s house with my cross bike, gravel==> cross bike perfect mix if you ask me. I have my wonder 42-17 gear ready to roll. RF and Roxy (sweet looking bike by the way Roxy) tell me we will […]

getting some time in

70’s getting some miles in… Even 30 mph gust doesn’t feel that bad at that temperature. More to come Thursday…. Polo at the MAC tonight.. It should be fun, let’s hope nothing happens. Dario‘s for a nightcap. Not Irish but also not a duchebag bar and beer is delicious


the pirate weekend

This weekend turned out to be a good one. for one I got Megan’s and mine Inca trail trip booked for July, 8th of July will be the day when we start walking in the mountains. This weekend was also PCL‘s event, Mike and I drove up to Lincoln for some gravel action we met […]

Mandatory Friday Commute

Knickers and regular gloves yes… spring is comming.

Cirrem is a wash literally