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No lbc but I will take some c.b.

We all have those days where everything just get’s piled on you well Monday/Tuesday was back to back nightmare. I found out some douche bag in Brazil or England has been using my debit card, now I’m stranded with book of checks until my new debit card arrives who the hell accepts checks anymore. The […]

we all survived

The blizzard of 09 came and went some people went biking during it note here, here and here some people like me decided to go and shove as much food in my yupper as humanly possible (that was good). The storm wasn’t as bad as everyone thought sure some people got in car accidents, driveways […]

so yeah

Lately you might of seen me do one of this

And Some more of these

Who knows there might be some biking in there as well….


west coast love

So my buddy Brandon has been living in Seattle for couple of years. He met some bike mechanics and pretty cool peps in Capitol Hill area. They all were into riding bikes and drinking beer what’s not to like. I though why not throw in a little love Seattle Way. They keeping on having good […]

almost spring time

I’m not sayin that because of nice weatehr outside… the ped bridge is still not packed with people… but soon.. I just got my first 2009 dirt rag magazine slim but still great. And what is that they have new magazine coming out as well. While fixing a computer at work today I got talking […]

Fun and Games

Saturday I joined Eb and rest of the peps from pedal Omaha for some pedal action. The ride was awesome we had 10 people i believe, Bob and Munson Wrote about it i know Lucas took some great photos including some sweet ice riding at Manawa… Over all it was good times for sure. Megan […]