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little snow little cold

I guess blizzard of 2009 will not happen this week. I do know it’s a bit chilly but nothing to crazy. The cursive show saturday was pretty cool, you know you are getting older when you see some kids you never seen before in your life. EB and Lucas showed up, Lucas took of to […]

happy new year (ox 2009)

Today is Chinese new year. Happy new year. Year of the Ox has begun. In other news were getting some sweet snow to ride on. Maybe later on this week maybe…Ride this morning wasn’t too bad at all compared to friday’s windy weather…


long weekend

This was probably one of the better weekends for riding and hanging out in long time. After all the family and holiday celebrations Megan and I got to relax for a change. We lounged around watched movies and just hung out. Riding was pretty sweet this weekend manawa was pretty money best since first snowfall […]

pbs does it again

Well it’s have been slow week for sure the frigid temperature are here again for another couple of days. Watching TV and working around house is getting Monday so is staying at the gym after work. We all know this country is in pretty bad shape. Couple of things inauguration will be okay, I think […]

3 in row

Thus far in 2009 i have seen 3 movies all 3 have been great

Slumdog millionaire Milk Grand Torino

Yes great movies for sure. Clint Eastwood is still the man after all this years. Come and ride some bikes tonight . I’m sure the list of sucky movies will occur after Oscars.


worky workie worky

Working 5 days a week. What a drag dude..

At least I have something to look at on way to work