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back in the saddle

After week of excess time to get back to riding i busted out my San Jose and pedaled to work. Christmas was great spend a lot of time with my family, Megan’s family and old friends good times for sure. I have discovered cognac to be good sipping beverage especially when losing to blood sucking […]

wesolych swiat

It’s that time of they year. Christmas is kicking of tonight at 5 pm at my parent’s house. Merry Christmas and happy New Year

more snow/sleet/ice/snow rides

I did survive the “epic” snow/ice/shitty weather earlier last week. I’m sure I saw mammoth crossing the Missouri river over the BK pedestrian bridge. You know it’s cold when the highest temperature you get is at the sunrise on saturday… balmy 25 degrees… sweet I though I would do and ride some of this snowy […]

First tracks

Well first winter storm came and covered Omaha Metro area. I decided to post pond commute for this week due to not having and huevos and traveling for work. I did however wanted to get some snow riding in before this apocalyptic ice storm this afternoon. I called up Ryan and somehow we made it […]

saturday morning @ manawa

still cold

This morning was still freaking cold but at least the sun was out. Which somehow makes you feel warmer. I guess it must be a lot colder up north getting some ice on the mizzou. Also side of note… getting some good mustache icicles oh yeah