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new challenge

Today I’m driving to Iowa to pick up a dog for my mom. It’s her birthday this Sunday. The little guy looks like he could take on some imperial storm troopers if you ask me. Starting tomorrow I’m taking my car in for some repairs which will last two weeks. Now I have no […]

biking weekend

Well this weekend was pretty busy weekend lots to do but the good thing was getting some biking in( other then commuting). Saturday I had work for bit as there was NOC makeover. Moving servers and NAS appliances is not that much fun. Thankfully I had something to keep me going on the morning, their […]


Well after almost a decade in 21st Century we finally have 21st century President. Megan and I went to Hilton last night. We met up with her Sister/Husband and Ronnie her brother as well Aimee and Lowell. The scene was pretty crazy. There was feeling of excitment in the air. The diversity of […]

November 4th

The lines was somewhat longer then normal this morning. I had to wait 30 minutes. Here how I see the whole thing breaking down. I don’t want to get to excited as last time that happened it was a not the result i though it would be.