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no riding today

I didn’t ride today I have fancy dinner to go to right after work. I did get some sweet fenders though and those work pretty slick.. I did see Hillary Clinton yesterday at the quest center it was pretty interesting experience.


Things always happen in 3s to continue with with remark here 3 things that happen less than 48 hours apart from each other


weekend update

Pretty busy weekend. Friday night we had to drive all the way to Bennington for B-day party but that only lasted an hour after that we ended up speeding to Holland Performing Art Center for little concert by David Byrne, old Talking Heads front man. The show was awesome Byrne played for almost 2 hours […]

giant mushroom

The biggest i have ever found on this trip..

I found one that was bigger than this in Poland once when i was kid

that was long ago and i have no proof


getting chilly

Today was pretty cold in morning getting to feel like fall weather finally only if I had my hifi back to hit up some single track that would be awesome. Come and help out Saturday at Swanson the weather looks great for the weekend. The best part of my work commute is looking at the […]

good morning to you

One more day of foggy pictures… Check them all of them out here. The second one was accually a sun reflection of some building downtown. The pedestrian brigde is getting some heavy use which is great. Saturday I will be hitting up IA site for some road riding..

October 2nd, 2008 | Category: Biking | 2 comments