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It’s kind of slow going here, work is busy Megan started work so it’s more or less back to the grind. This week I was watching The DNC in Denver, CO. Great speach last night by both Gore and Obama. So yes some of my friends, James in particular. Will say that Obama is all […]

Things are well ?

With all the attention on DNC this week here the other side of the story… Denver reserved room for protesters the free zone or something to that effect. Don’t look to free to me what are the demmanding well nothing to special

my morning jacket

I’ve been to Stir twice once for Flaming Lips another for MMJ last night. Couple of observations:

a) Stir is weird place (it’s a the casino, its on the hill , there are tons of security guards everywhere)

b) A lot of people from lincoln apperantly love MMJ (accually that is not that suprising)

c) […]

end of summer … kind of

So end of summer for me was usually marked by two events which are both pretty great. For couple of years I’ve been doing Corporate Cyling Challenge and St. Stan’s festival all in one day… So James, Tim and I decided to do the ride…the CCC as i call it is okay for most part… […]

first one

After 5 months of commuting I finaly had douche bag honk at me and call me names oh well… have fun paying 70$ a month for your sweet downtown paking garage sucka!!! Swanson tonight/lewis and clark later on this week.. if anyone would like to go.

life during wartime

Yes yes it’s true David Byrne is coming to Omaha. If you never been to one of his shows and you love Talking Heads you must go it’s probably one of the better live shows you can see it’s at the holland performing art center which makes it even better since the sound at that […]