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This just in

Poland sucks in international soccer tournaments… see you IN South Africa where most likely they will dominate qualifiers only to choke again… good job… Off to Swanson and to pick up my parents who coincidentally are coming back from Poland today.. tonight… if there is no delays

people are funny

After getting some awesome sushi at sushi Japan we ended up not doing much of anything friday night. Saturday it was Sarah’s birthday but before that happened I went and rode 40 miles with James, once again Ponca hills provided a good ride… Funny how many people usually increase their creativity and come out with […]

really representin

really white women you can just bust out representin like that.. Plus what the hell is a terrorist jab you tell me after you watch this clip

couple of updates

If you are using wordpress 2.5.1 and advanced TinyMCe 3.0.1 you might experience some errors. After the upgrade TinyMCE stopped working. If you are using it you might have to uninstall/reinstall Advanced TinyMCE on your blog. In other news the new I-phone is here and i’m pretty sure (99.99% sure) that it will be my […]


I honestly didn’t know there were tornadoes sunday morning… I slept through it alarm, sirens everything… My buddy Damon lives pretty close to the epicenter he went out sunday and took some pictures… pretty scary stuff thankfully no one got hurt which is pretty amazing.

Goodbye Hillary

Well the primary season is over for the democrats. In order to celebrate I will be riding tranquility tonite!!! I was there last night and the trail was actually dusty, this rain will make it nice and tacky… If you want to join me I will be there around 6 pm. Check out this picture […]