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it rained

To quote Ali Williams, Family Guy’s weather man.. Last week we have been getting crazy amounts of rain. I think about 3 inches last night, that will mean two things: most likely not single track for at least couple of days and crazy humidity… Since single track is a wash will be hitting up some […]

indiana jones

Yes I did wait until midnight to go and see the new Indiana jones movie, yes the movie was pretty good. It had typical touch of the series with A-team amount of shooting and missing but that the point i suppose . Harrison Ford is still a pimp with a whip and his character is […]

Mustache challenge

That’s right kids! It’s that time again… I vowed to have sweet mustache when we go to colorado in 2 months… Inspired by mod and encouraged by many Mario lovers i have decided to start growing a sweet stache.. It will be magnificent on the other hand NKOTK will be playing in Omaha this year […]

Florida pics

Here are some pictures from my Florida vacation back in February enjoy…. Swanson tonight at 6 pm.

tuesday night

CCNA training has been going pretty well for most part. Last night I went out and got 2 laps in at Manawa , T-bone and Charlie were out there as well. I will try to hit up some trails rest of the week. While in training I’ve come across the portion control article which is […]

mothers day

So this weekend was mother’s order to celebrate I went and got some food to make awesome egg Benedict… It might make me a bad person but I love eggs only farm raised local eggs but they’re so good, especially the hollandaise sauce. My mom also scored pretty good book from amazon, which of […]