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hobbit you say

I don’t know if many people knew this but I’m huge Tolkien fan. Something about bunch of men all alone on some quest sitting around campfire and singing songs to each other… what’s not to like. I was kind of bummed out when “Return of the King” was released not because of the movie but […]

tubeless not soon enough

I can’t wait for tubeless conversion kit for my bike i lasted exactly 4 laps at Swanson and got a flat…. come on conversion kit… The new reroute is quite nice and fast it should be really good after it gets worn in a bit.. Go and ride it and enjoy it… if you not […]

the bad, the good the sunny

Wow that was busy weekend… I think the older you get the less enjoyable your weekends become it’s just all busy work. Two shows this weekend one pretty bad and drawn out the other one snappy and just amazing… Friday night we met up Aimee and Lowell for Kimya Dawson and David Dondero what […]


Last week Megan an I went to Twin cities to unwind for a little bit… The trip started off pretty lame as I had to drive through 6 hours or rain, sleet and snow… We finally made our way to the hostel. Which was pretty nice… Since it was pretty crappy outside we just […]

feisty omaha in July

According to Tim@lazy-i. Feist is coming to Omaha, for the free show this summer, July27th. Way better than those “punkers” plain white-t. Also if you should sing all-age show petition from slowdown it does before city council. I mean you should sign it if you don’t believe that music is the tool of the devil….


That was funny

So yesterday I learned that Charleston Heston, the big wig of the NRA, passed away this weekend. Being funny guy and actually liking his acting ( in odd kind of a way) . I did send text message “RIP you dirty ape” yes some people did get the reference; and how can you not. I […]