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wet dingus to you all

Sorry for not updates, i was out of town and had some hospital emergencies with my dad who fell off the ladder two weeks ago… This didn’t leave much of time to write or transfer my pictures from my computer to the gallery on this site. Easter was good, I ate way too much.. I […]


Yesterday was the nicest day of commuting, on the way home that is. I think I got the route narrowed down. I had to choose between stop signs and stop lights. The one way trip being about 20 minutes it would be a bit faster if it wasn’t for the lights and traffic stops. Last […]

Florida write and commute

Well the florida vacation came and went. I’ve been kind of busy with work ever since I came back. Jacksonville beach is pretty nice place to visit, but probably not live. It takes 20-30 minutes to get anywhere and people have that annoying southern accent. The beach and ocean themselves are pretty sweet I must […]