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i’m out to warmer weather

I’m going on little vacation to Florida with the family. We’re going to Jacksonville, fl for some ocean viewing and I really don’t know what else. The Castillo de San Marcos looks like it’s the ticket, so is the Cummer museum and gardens. When I get back it hopefully be a bit warmer. Bike to […]

64 64 64 bits ago

Two things, my goal of building my roof rack is now pushed back yakima’s website was wrong and now i will have to wait couple weeks for right clips for my root… Dam you yakima… I’m so close all i need is locks and bike mount…

In other more important news it has come to […]

cosmic man…

If you not doing anything tonight and you are brave enough to go outside check out the total lunar eclipse. It’s cold so it should be be pretty clear night for good show..

The weekend update

Well this weekend was pretty slow for me, this is in large due to the fact I was sick with the flu, I didn’t ride this weekend nor did I run at all last week, I got 40 minutes in on the stationary bike last Monday, not good, but what are you going to do. […]

first hopefully not last

This weekend, as some of you might of heard, was first ever Nebraska Democratic caucuses. I had to go for two reasons a) i always vote primaries and general elections b) i wanted to see what this caucus hoopla is all about . Well caucus can described in one world chaotic, considering no one knew […]

BTW omaha world herald

I always knew OWH is not a good news paper, Walter Scott is running that place like gulag. I would think that having a presidential candidate in your home city would qualify as BIG news. For those of you who live under the rock Barrack Obama will be in Omaha today. I’m going screw you […]