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ewards out

It’s official Edwards is out of the race. Now it’s only two person race the only issue which remains is what is going to happen to 56 delegates he amassed during his primary run. The first caucus in Nebraska is in less than 2 weeks Feb 9th. See you there

Omaha get healthy

As much as I hate OWH they did have a intresting article today in newspaper. My vote add east and west bike lanes to streets since we don’t have any at this time. This wouldn’t make me want punch people in face after they cut me off on 11worth street just to to slam their […]

Happy b-day lego’s

Oh LEGO how I used to play with them so much. Back in good old Poland you couldn’t get Lego at the stores you had to go to specified store called PEWEX/ Fortunately our Pewex store was right down the street from our apartment. It was pretty big deal to go there you could only […]

Rip Bobby Fischer

I just learned that Bobby Fischer great chess player and crazy guy has died in Iceland. I used to play chess at least 3 times a week couple of years ago now not so much, Bobby Fischer sure was one crazy guy who could play some chess. On other hand this cold weather is […]

new addictions

I must admit I have developed two new addictions; both came as result of new year. One is the primary coverage with writer strike and lack of good television i have been addicted to wolf blitzer ( who in my mind is tool ; they should never get rid of Arron Brown) and the Microsoft […]