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Best of 2007

Overall 2007 was pretty good year, I finally got some testicular fortitude and asked someone out, that was pretty refreshing and the most rewarding. Also, after 8 years at Corps of Engineers I have moved on to another government organization National Park Service. This list is serves as the reflection of past year (2007). I […]

Baby Jesus

Well the mass of Christ (that is what Christmas means) came and went, I had most of my shopping done way before the holidays the only thin left was wrap the presents and wait… well actually hang out with my brother who came here all the way from Tuscon, AZ. In short Christmas was pretty […]

Green insulation

It was James’ B-day Friday. Megan and I wore our sweet sweaters and headed down to Crescent Moon for some beers. I wasn’t felling all too hot so we left quite early. Saturday was pretty busy, once day i check what my R-value levels was in my attic and as I suspected it was at […]

new job

As of Monday I did start a new job at National Park Service. The biggest impression so far is the new building; many green features including windows on the sun way, recycle bins, automated lights and fancy HVAC system. Bonus is the view the bike way bridge being build 50 yards away from my window..


pretty cold pretty violent

I must say No Country for Old Men is probably one of the most violent, yet one of the best modern western movies I have seen. The movie is based in Western Texas it’s gore and mayhem at its finest with backdrop of good acting by Tommy Lee Jones. While at the movies I have […]

oh my digg addiction

Most of my projects at my old job are officially turned over to other people. I’ve been refreshing my knowledge of cfml and reading a bout coldfusion 8. I can’t escape my digg addiction. This geek cartoon is right on time. Also check out this life expectancy calculator pretty interesting ; according to this I […]