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itunes… songbird is way better

For several years we all heard about how awesome is Itunes and how easy it is to operate. Let’s face it if you had an ipod that software was necessary to upload all the goodies to your new toy. Well over the time it became to big. Well wait no more, and I do realize […]

vinyl?…… really?

According to wired article, the vinyl will be the last nail in the CD slumping sales, looks like my investment in my record collection including whole talking heads set i found once on eBay, is paying off. If you would like to own your turntable i have one in working condition, it’s aSony and it […]

hall of justice

For one reason or another I take my civic duties seriously, I’m one of the few people that accually goes and votes for the primaries, and no last primaries don’t count when droves of people switched to GOP to vote for Osborne or Johans. Regardless I was pretty stocked about getting my first jury duty […]

halloween party

Oh Halloween, is almost here it will mean several things a) once again I have raged how great pumpkin patches are, made plans to going to one and never followed through. b) grow a mustache for my costume and look good doing this. Yes it’s true, last Saturday was another Halloween party at secret location. […]

portland pictures

Pictures from my Portland trip are up. I’m sorry if some of them are leveled but I have only ran two batch jobs on them and haven’t edited them manually. Check them out here if you like

portland trip

Ah Portland, OR it doesn’t matter how many times I have been there it’s always nice and fresh and find something new to experience there. This trip was quite fun we got to hang out with our hosts Ben and Jenny and some cool cats from all over the U.S. and Australia. I saw my […]