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office art office must be have one the coolest mural/wall paintings in the office i have seen. The murral was painted by David Choe, check out his website here as well as some of his work at outer edge studio. This just another reason why myspace can’t ever compete with facebook, in design world or offices […]

google c.b. move more than a rumor

I guess the rumor about Google moving to council bluff is more than a rumor. It hit digg today, must be a slow day. But it offers 200 jobs so the nerd hatchery which i graduated from, will have place to put all mountain dew fanatics.

no whisling please

Well Andrew Bird is not for me, or more accurately I couldn’t get the tickets to the whistling violin totting virtuoso. Megan and I were both surprised with the apparent sold out show last night at the Sokol Underground. Who knew? That will teach me, the only time I don’t get tickets for show it […]

Black Gold Kasher Leaves

NPR and PBS do not get enough credit in today’s media crazed world. I have always been listening/watching both of them for long period of time. This is the only way to get information which is not U.S. Centric, in form of BBC broadcast as well as many other informative programming. If you have HDTV, […]

Cat’s Craddle

The first novel Kurt Vonnegut i read was Cat’s Cradle. I believe I had to read it for my Honors English Class in High School while I like the book and the idea of ice-9, it is not my favorite Vonnegut, it did introduced me to his work. My favorite Vonnegut’s book is Slaughterhouse five, […]

Something new Something old

After couple of weeks of inactivity I have finally posted something new on this site. Not only is this a new post but also I have converted the entire site to word press and created a new theme. This is after realizing I do not need extensive community site but rather a blog. I’m working […]