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Always on TV

patsyYou all seen one of these infomercials late night on cable television, no not the RONCO ones but those are pretty good as well, they rank second right after the esteban guitars, but I digress. I’m talking about lifetime music collection series, oh the great collections of pop culture; who can forget the compilations such as malt shop fifties, soft “porn” rock. No matter what type of music they are trying to sell you one can see commonalties as they involve:
a) Washed up TV. host or music star (if they are still awake)
b) annoying blonde bimbo who gaze on host/musician is more is oh so sexy
c) random people who has some kind of personal memory attached to a given song
Now, one can ask “why do you care?” […]

it snowed…. again

I woke up yesterday to 8 inches of snow….again. This is getting a bit old not to mention it messes up my running outside schedule, Running inside for 10 miles is no fun. I'm too tired to actually write something witty. Here some links to keep you busy incase your day is progressing in slow motion this is a bit photgraphy oriented..