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man man challenge

man manYour mission if you choose to accepted and if you are capable of doing so, is to grow sweet stache and show up to MAN MAN event on April 10th, @ Waiting Room.



what’s new part 1

I know all of you little voyeurs and the people whom my blog keeps from stabbing themselves with long red hot nails are bit disappointed about lack of updates on this site. There could be two reasons for this a) either my life is pretty much great in every aspect, even these clowns from the Omaha extra TV. show(whatever the name of it is) would not be able to follow it. b) Nothing has been happening.  Well there have been some changes in my life a have purple leg for couple of weeks.  I went couple of places which obviously were great.  The recent highlight has to be my trip to Colorado, which was pretty good, times with noted exceptions:


administrative issues revised

I will be upgrading this site to new version this weekend. this might, nay,  will result in limited uptime. I will also try to post my great time in CO snowboarding. After two restores to prievious version of drupal and some modifications i finally got the site updated to version 5 . While most of the module do not work now and my sweet theme will have to be rewritten for phptemplate engine. New site is better and i'm digging the new features. 



Planning has started


cdcMy India trip planning is officially underway. Yesterday I went to Travel immunization office at Douglas County to receive my Malaria prescription and some immunization Shots. Next step will be Indian Visa which I should be applying for in couple of weeks. I have write up for great visit to Salina, KS. I'm waiting for pictures from the trip to make your learning experience that much better.