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New Year Resolutions




See you all Next Year


South by Southwest

 Tucson, AZ is pretty depressing town, I had this opinion last time I was here and I definitely share that opinion today. The whole thing didnít start out all that great as our bags were lost and Pawelís x-mass present was somewhere between Dallas and Tucson. For those who read this Ií m obligated to inform everyone about the pink garment situation of my motherís attire. While the pink pants didnít make an appearance yet, a pink sweater was worn at the Art Museum today.

In way this city is like Varanasi in India, not to say that if you die in Tucson you will go straight to heaven, although you never know. The main reason for this happening is the percentage of old people compared to another city in U.S. People come here to retire, and eventually kick the bucket. The city is designed with old people in mind, you really canít go very fast anywhere, 45 MAX. Most of the buildings are only two stories, no need for stairs. The climate can be divided into two seasons, hot and not hot. This is only amplified for my brother who currently serving at oncology department Iím pretty sure this is uplifting experience. Besides the old people factor the city is sleepy desert town, as described by one of Pawelís friend. There are pluses to the city, bike routes are everywhere since the city is in valley, there are several good drinking holes, and like most of the cities with indie music promoter there are hipsters here as well. The record story is somewhat lacking but itís not a big deal. One thing they do have is Waffle houses are everywhere it seems, if you stay in Tucson do not tell your friends Iím staying at hotel next to waffle house this will result in great frustration as any exit off the interstate will yield both locations. Tomorrow we will go to, and this is a total curve ball, a dessert museum, I know itís pretty crazy. Merry Christmas to everyone and we will see you in Omaha, next week.


You call this a knife?

promoI used to like of Montreal with their poppy songs and gloomy lyrics , the imperative phrase is used to like them. Ever since they sold the rights to their song, "Wraith Pinned to the Mist (And Other Games)", to outback I started to hate the song and the band, the band being of Montreal not The Band . Not only did these Athens residents sold their rights, they allowed greasy ausies, cause I have seen aussies each time I go to outback ( accually I havenít been there in years), change the words of the song. I donít know what the words were changed to, something about life being great eating meat and being happy. I'm pretty sure there is really nothing bizzare about this restaurant not to mention any love story told over steaming dead piece of meat. There are several problems with this occurrences, not with dead meat, but the idea as whole a) I donít go to outback (I can get salad and bread anywhere) b) the song is everywhere both radio and TV. c) People who never heard of Montrťal now crave steak daily. What you donít see is vegetarians turning to carnivores after hearing the jingle. Not to say this is the only song the band sold the copyrights, "Everyday Feels Like Sunday" is used for NASDAQ. There are several mitigating circumstances for this rant. a)there are some people I know who refer to this song as the ďoutbackĒ song(this is sad really sad)

b)I donít eat mean and just watched ďfast food nation Ē last week c)watched documentary about cows on PBS (and dam it the show was pretty good). Next week it will be full of two things a) birthday celebrations, which makes me believe I have too many Sagittarius friends b) concert bonanza before family outing to exciting trip to Arizona.


Soundtrack kind of show

dIn last entry, I mentioned going to Devotchka and McCarthy Trenching as opening band. It was rather last minute or last day decision to go to the show. Actually my friend Brandon convinced me to go and check out Devotchka and pay my homage to people who were responsible of majority of Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack. The good or bad, maybe just weird personal observation about crossover hits bands and audience it assembles. Not to take anything away from Devotchkaís music, majority of the people, including me, even though I have all their CD, were their to gaze upon the LMS success primarily. All I know there were people with little etiquette for music, Dan McCarthy was playing there was blonde girl just spitting oral diarrhea, non stop machine gun chattering about something Iím sure couldnít wait until 20 minute intermission. The show was pretty good really good. I actually liked McCarthy Trenching a bit more then Devotchka, this is personal taste though, It was nice to see my friend Aimee and her husband; I havenít seen them since their wedding this summer. Married people just disappear; that just how it works from what I can tell, never been married so this is just an educated guess.

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