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Christmas sets, Christmas mood…

turkeyFor many thanksgivings is just bump in road to the holly grail of the holidays, Christmas. It has been unofficially said the holiday’s season starts right after the turkey gets cold on Thursday. This of course follows the thanksgiving season, which starts right after Halloween. The latter has unexplained effect on people including 30 day love affair with colors brown and orange, and 100 variations of that color, in every form imaginable. Whatever, you truly must be an American and truly care about getting good seeding in your fantasy football league , as well as staying in line with bunch of mouth breathers in order to buy some Chinese piece of shit electronic… which most likely will last about 11 months, just in time for the cycle to repeat. I spend my thanksgiving the same way I always do, eating too much, binge drinking way too much and hanging out with my parents and friends, which looks great no matter which angle you look at it. This year the only thing I had to buy for around thanksgiving was Sufjan Steven’s Christmas set, for someone reading this it might appear I might have a bit of man crush on Mr. asthmatic kitty , oh well you could be right. Let’s just say it was present to me for not going crazy, which I didn’t hence the CD. In age where Christmas music got reduced to Mannheim steamroller “rocking and rolling” and companies making commercial jingles based on Christmas carols, this was a breath of fresh air.

People often ask how the album was, well it’s a Christmas album, there are Christmas songs, but not some sappy guy playing Muzak edition of “Silent Night”. I don’t know how to respond to that question. It’s the same as people asking you how Inconvenient Truth was, best and truthfully the only movie I’ve seen about global warming. Even if it’s good it’s still just a movie about global warming, things will not explode but they might collapse.


Well that kind of sucked


Last weekend was supposed to be great, in retrospect is was average at best, not that everyone has great weekends all the time like it is some kind of infomercial for a cruise ship, actually I can only assume this since I’ve never been on cruise ship. Each time you see people in mainstream idea of vacation, on cruise ship, you will notice a) they are always happy b) they’re always doing some crazy active shit c) family is not divorced d) good times revolves around eating and drinking a lot (not to say this is necessarily bad) Regardless back to this weekend, it should have been great with Cursive concert kicking it off. Another side note, when you go to a show in sokol you have to follow specific protocol which is pretty intense a) starting times are more or less optional I actually never been to show that started on time, at the same token I’m always late so my experience is probably not a good barometer of starting times at this or any venue b) you need to be either drunk or just tipsy when you get to the location. The show wasn’t good, it actually sucked, and we got there right when the first band was finishing their set, since I only heard about 2 minutes of their material. The next guy, I believe his name is Jeremy Enigk , sounded like one man death cab for cutie cover band, except not as good or as cleanly sounding as the latter. This is nice way of saying I wanted to punch him and smash his guitar. This accually lame since I generally like bands from sub pop more often then not. Cursive, well it was disappointment; the show seemed segmented, quiet for cursive standards and plainly uninspired. This just makes you want to either drink more (which I did) or jab your ears with ice picks (which I didn’t). Not to say that band can't have bad show, they can and sometimes they do.


The Democrats are back

frontpageFor the first time since I was a sophomore in high school the democrats have taken over the legislative body of this country. Everyone predicted the house change while the senate was up in the air; it actually still is as I type this. This is more of recount issue than anything else, both of the houses will be controlled by democrat , with what appears to more populist and main stream democratic party. Nancy Pelosi, first woman to be speaker of the house has already been invited to have “lunch” with the “DUBLUU”. What I’m really disappointed in local elections is that all congressional seats went to Republicans in the year where at least one out of three districts should’ve been flipped over to a Democratic candidate. The politics as of late have become very polarizing this state not so much as a) it's republican b) people are apathetic. Most of the Nebraskans who didn’t vote would probably say this, crap I already voted for Nebraska offensive player, defensive player and I need to rate some prospects for new recruiting class. This election you speak of will not help us win anything in BIG XII , armed with this kind of philosophy many people didn’t go and vote, why I don’t know. Everyone who knows me will attest my constant preaching about civic duty and voting. In Omaha the partisan division is social/economic and geographical. With east precinct being poorer more diverse, less shopping malled and urban sprawled as the western counterparts. Sarpy county is always been bunch of Rednecks if you ask me, no offense to anyone who lives there but the truth is evident. I never go to Sarpy County and this is another reason to keep in Omaha city limit proper. This is why it matters, district 2 just gave Lee Terry another reason to collect nice paycheck and zero results, that’s right you can’t really pass bill while your party is in minority (technically you can, but knowing Mr. terry this will not happen) Regardless, the 110th congress will be one with a lot of promise, new direction in Iraq, higher minimum wage, new energy policy, a real Medicare reform. Things are looking better.


The worst is over

cementaryThe worst is over….. For now that is. These are the words in couple of Cursive's songs, and they certainly ring true today for several reasons. After epic week at work where I worked too much, slept too little and was pissed off for too long; the happenings finally subsided, please read I fixed things. It’s amazing how much better you feel after you get something accomplished. The other reason for being happy is Halloween, which is kind of two fold. One is pretty obvious, trick-or-treater, watching kids freeze their ass of to get some candy. While I totally agree about materialist, made up nature of Halloween it still is “kind of” exciting…. Okay it really isn’t. I never bought into it, not even the first day I was in ESL class and my teacher was trying to tell us how great Halloween is. In Poland, nay most of Europe, people don’t celebrate it, you celebrate All Saints day you get a day off and you go to the cemetery, it’s usually cold, yellow and emotional and deeply family rooted tradition. This is a juxtaposed to the fake plastic material holiday All Saints eve as it is celebrated here. Regardless, we had some guy who showed up at our house at ripe age of 15, “Who are you supposed to be?” James asked; “Besides old” I snickered. The highlight was 3 years old firefighter who viciously attacked the candy bowl with is tiny fists… Sugar rush for sure.

The second reason is yesterday wasalbum first day one could order Sufjan Steven’s Christmas set album. I’m huge fan of his work, it’s serious but can be comical and challenging, plus a guy can play a banjo that is, as Megan would say, “Amazing”. The song Chicago is used so well in “little Miss Sunshine”, it was the reason I actually wanted to see that movie. For 19 buckaroos one can get all this great Christmas fun, and listen to it while getting smashed on coffee liqueur. Just checkout what you get: