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it’s always the 0.01% percent

thedevilSo for most part my job is pretty sweet, I mean no know really complains about what I do if stuff works right which is 99.9 % of the time. The universe is working properly I find a way to balance my ying and my yang. The problem happens when shit hits the proverbial fan, even though we do not have fans at work. It then where you just want go to the store pick up some nails and nail gun and proceeded to unload nail cassette into your body. We have Dell servers as work and they work relatively well, until they break. On of our worries was the amount of data we support with disk on the wire, too much. Well if SCSI controller or backplane goes out you are fucked, Last two days I spend waiting for backplane for Powervault 220s, in hope of getting my data back from one of the enclosures. The backplane is not here yet, well time for plan is, and if you know me I always have plan b, it might not be a good plan but at least I have one. Iím still convinced the data can be restored to the other server. What I needed is another machine with free SCSI channel. I was pumped I had another server with free channel on the back of the perc card. Thatís when things went from worst to like skull fucked. The other enclosure of 1.8 TB went down, due to fault firmware update. I was freaked out to point where I realized, Iím most likely would get fired, people would drive by my house throw bricks leave flaming straw figures, you name it. Well Ií might have been exaggerating. I got the 1.8 TB to comeback with help of Dell support. So my plan is still intact after consistency check passes we will plug in another server and start restoring data from tape. Whoís excited, this will be fun. I will be home pretty late I would imagine, if I get to go home at all. The funniest part is I enjoy doing this and staying up all night waiting for data to copy from one location to another


Halloween people and day after that All Saints day

FAB4I love Halloween parties; nay I love Halloween to a point where I wrote a short story about it long time ago while being part of different life, but this rhetoric is neither here or there. After quite weird party last Saturday, it was time to regroup, reform bring costume wearing to new level of creativity, this is where Megan and Sarah come in to the picture. Iím jumping ahead, Shawn asks me to come with all his old buddies for some testosterone bonding, and I agreed and complied. If this is precursor to rest of the weekend then it will be a) a lot of fun b) a lot of drama. After the silicone tour at Carter Lake, and almost fighting a Mexican who was calling people long distance to attend the fight, we finally rolled out home around 5:00 A.M.


There are some things, events in life which are obvious, and a shoe in conclusion. Megan and Sarah always have great amounts of creativity about their costumes, but freaking WHAM wow that is something else, taking this to another level of creativity.wham Jamie dressed up as Morton Salt girl, she however didnít specify if she was ionized or not one would have to guess which the case is. Bogey and Mike throw sweet freaking parties, two DJ a screaming Rapper/Freestyle guy. One hint to the wolfman jack (the rapper) if you yell at group of drunken people they will yell back, do not expect cooperation, little facts of life free tip for future performance. The party as you can tell by the pictures was great, fun times, good looking girls everywhere alcohol excess. Even Fab4 made an appearance and wow everyone with their creativity.


Something is afoot in………………

One way to categorize last couple of days would be chaotic, blurry and foggy (last reference mostly due to weather). The highlight of the weekends is supposed to be the party at Lisaís house. It was her birthday party, costume party comic books and superhero. I must admit James and I had DA best costumes (or sake of costume reuse the identity of the costume will not be mentioned) Lisaís came close second. The party was good, well not the yellow devil drink in giant tub, which resulted in great headache the next day. Regardless, Iím pretty sure that things didnít go as planned; Lisaís new IPOD went missing. She is/was (money still on is) pissed of about the whole incident. A bit of emotions were exchanged, I decided that was not the right place for me to be. So to my surprise I get this long voice message at 4:30 AM, about how I might have had something to do with the IPOD going MIA (totally erroneous). Pretty disappointing I know, so is the whole situationÖ


Pictures are up

water After slacking off for bit I finally had the time to post my pictures from the Great Denver trip. Here the RMNP and Botanical Gardens and Beer Festival . Enjoy […]

Beer I like Beer

great beer Ah, beerÖ itís such a novel invention. Where else can you find a beverage that will help your solve all the problems, ask for raise, tell someone who you REALLY feel, develop magical dance moves or ability to perform most random jumps in middle of the 16th street at 10pm. Yes the nectar of working class, beer. It doesnít have the sophistication of wine, or the hard hitting effects of hard liquor. So many choices, the great beer festival sounds great,hence the name, it doesnt' say okay beer festival, it has potential to be most eventful consumption of beer in state of Colorado I attended. The ingredients making of unforgettable night were there and then we get to the auditorium. The lines were freaking huge, itís like communist run meat store. It hit me this is going to be weird combination of attendees at this event. Everyone is here starting with people who are into making beer and talking about hop count and beer color to drunken frat mainstream drinkers, who rarely support microbreweries. Regardless we were dedicated to try as much beer as possible in span of 4 hours. Sound easy rightÖÖ Wrong. In the beginning, weíre coherent intelligent, witty and yearning to learn about beer. Oh you donít say thatís why IPA, have more alcohol in them, interesting interesting, who loves Belgium wit beer, this beer taste great, it like were some great 19th century tycoons all proper wearing our jackets.

cheese That continued for about an hour. Things got louder you get less selective about the beer; all the pretzel necklaces you see seem delicious, lines to bathroom get longer. Anything past the first 95 minutes gets more complex. People start stealing nuts, and free beer, if you like to dance you think you are the best dancer ever, I do mean ever. You donít care what kind of beer ends up in your glass just stick your beer glass out and mumble something (it works I tried it, you can just point to the given pitcher) What follows is pure craziness people jumping around, stories about Monistat, and girls showing corn cob in their but cracks, donít ask me why. Overall we made out with a lot of beer inside our bellies and some free goodies and headache, but good times for sure.


Denver Part One

On whim is great way to do something. This includes taking a day off from work and driving 7 hours west. Why do you ask? Well Iíll tell you why: a) Colorado is pretty stellar b) visiting our friend Amy c) because I can. Drive from Omaha to, well practically anywhere, borders on insanity. It makes you want to drive as fast as possible to end the mental anguish. Eventually we did get to Amyís place, which is nice. Setting out on this great adventure we had to thing on our mind, go to Rocky Mountain National Park and Great American Beer Fest . The park pictures are coming up shortly. Friday were going to go hiking. Well I thought it would be a good idea to go running beforehand, which I did. Itís was nice day outside. Amy asked us where we want to go hike, she has this book called, 100 best hikes in Colorado . I picked random page, we should go there, 4.5 miles of 9000 feet average altitude, no problem, weíre taking on the mountain, let me get out the lumberjack outfit. We decided to go shopping for our excursion at whole foods, get some breakfast bar made out of apple cores and newspapers. Couple of hours and many free samples later weíre off to take on the evil Black Lake. And 2.5 hours later were there, Iím not going to lie, but I have uncanny ability to motivate people. How far is the lake? Itís o only half mile away, or over the top of the mountain. The hike was worth itÖ A glacier lake surrounded by jagged peak and no other tourists, nicely done ladies. The hike back was easier as it was downhill. We didnít do much for rest of the dayÖ. Went to crappy brewery with annoying bartenderÖ and great bar called Dirty DuckÖ. The real good stories happened at Great American Beer FestÖ.. Part two is coming later this week.