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Running with scissors

running I wasn’t really running with scissors, and neither should you, it is a dangerous thing to do no matter how coordinated you are or think you are, guess what you overestimate your abilities and you will end up with scissors stuck somewhere in your body bleeding profusely. Well I have decided to start run a couple of months ago, this made sense in way, field club trail was right behind my house, why not? It’s not a bad thing to exercise. Therefore, at the end of June I stared to run, slowly and over short distances….. Over time longer distances, bit faster and over steeper hills which are not that hard in my neighborhood. No one runs just for sake of running, well maybe Forest Gump does, but most people run because a)they always ran and they like it(not me) b) you get an office job and get chubby (that’s me) You need to have goal, when you run my goal was to fold a) get decent time at the ½ marathon b) beat my nemesis (if you know me you know my nemesis) The epic training was okay, I even convinced James to run with me. Granted it wasn’t a la Rocky training we didn’t run up any stairs or yelled anything, but it was amazing in its own right.


Sunday was big day, race day, yey racing. We of course got there late, and got to stand in back. Standing in back is not great from my limited racing experience. You got to pass all the slow people who insist on being upfront, I don’t know why they insist on such behavior, maybe it’s their reward for showing up early to place, I don’t know. I’m going to voice typical male thinking, running events female participation is amazing, good motivating factor if you ask me, or any straight guy. The race was pretty good, nice weather, Megan and Shannon made support shirts for James and I. One said “Jog, James, Jog” the other one said “Run, Rafal, Run” I was actually amazed these girls showed up at the race, I was truly thankful for their support. The highlight of the race was me high five a little Herman’s Nuts mascot, hot nuts. Speaking of running and slow people slate rode an interesting article about the matter.


Apple Store

Finally after all these years, we get our own Apple store, it doesn't have Oregon Trail on display which is a major drawback. But they did have the new Nano's Which more then made up for the lack of oxens. The people who work here are a bit overfriendly but what are you going to do. […]

Chicago day 1

getting toasted I love Chicago, over the years I have been there with different people and for various reasons. The city does rival New York In many areas sky scrapes, subway/el debate except for fact the majority people are Midwesterners and are not willing to punch you in the face (presumably) just like they do in New York. James and I found wicker park neighborhood which has combinations of delicious late night food and cheap (relative term) drinks. On side note I remember when I was in Europe with my friend Matt who compared all the prices we saw to the one’s in Europe to those of New York. I’m pretty sure this will make any city relatively cheap if you think about it. This is not good way to think about the world, considering Ney York has no
concept of pitchers of beer.
ANYWAYS. We had pretty enjoyable ride on the El. Some black dude was raving about how great Chicago white sox are (not true if you look at their record in July) or listen to their dick manager (Ozzie Guillen) The conversation about who’s team is better while on public transportation can never be settled in great detail for two simple reasons a) you can’t go and punch anyone in the face (there are witnesses) b) your argument might end early by the other person leaving at next stop.
We did finally make it to Estella’s, thanks Brandon for the tip. Right after arrival we proceeded to get totally loaded. a) This is when James decided to calculate everything in jagermeister bomb shot (example how much was your new Ipod, Response” It’s was about 32 jagermeister bombs") b) we did get loaded. Not good for future reference. Especially if you run into group of English people and door person just happens to be a total bitch. Apparently people who work the doors are not big fans of futbol. Hence when I told her that England fucking choked in quarter finals vs. Portugal I was not allowed inside the bar. I was pretty bad I know. More like angry for not keeping my shut. The important thing is that England did choke in that game, Rooney was doing great until he decided to stomp on someone’s crouch for this he got rewarded red card. Objectively three lions did choke; too bad someone working the door couldn’t see it. We went to another bar that was just like the bar I couldn’t get into full of people, loud and expensive and HOT….temperature wise. Megan was pinching James (I got pictures to prove it) We got some delicious tacos and tamales and went to our hotel around 5 am. 5:30 am is probably the best time to argue about a) where is the remote b) what to watch since most of the shows are GREAT. Something else happened but I don’t remember what. Stayed tuned for Saturday report… […]

Weddings and hot weather

Summer is about two things, hot humid sweaty days and weddings. I’m not a fan of either. The hot weather is an obvious reason, who really likes to sweat, not me. Sure there are some people, most of them who are crazy, which claim they enjoy summer and being outside getting their dose of UV rays and developing skin cancer. Sure buddy….. Your facial expression says enjoyment and nirvana each time you are outside. I don’t have affliction towards being outside like some of the hipsters or my last ex girlfriend but everything in moderation….

This is not about hot weather though. It’s about weddings and why they are not great in general( well maybe if I was getting married I would have different opinion) Weddings suck for following reason a) old people reminiscence about the time they got married ( in these days this is followed by divorce and another wedding at forty something … whatever). The point is they have memory of this event in their minds. b) If you are a twenty-something (and you are not a red neck or got prego when you were 15) wedding are something you aspire to experience at least once (most likely twice) Regardless you are pissed off that you are not getting married or been in any relationship for while. The former parts of the people are reliving their past the latter is looking towards the future. The only people who seem to be happy are the parents and they people getting married… (I think…. Once again this is just guessing at this point)

This brings me to Aimee and Lowell’s wedding, which can be described as Dean Martin meets Harem of Middle Eastern Slave Women somewhere over the hill in California. The problem was there was no Dean Martin (just drunk ushers)they were not wearing tuxedos but most of them were smoking, hell yes. The harem of women was well just belly dancing troop (not the best name for something associated with dancing) and California was really Springfield, NE. At least there was wine….. I guess. It wasn’t a bad wedding… I just really despise them (the weddings that are not Aimee and Lowell) the only good thing was the fact my parents were not present and I didn’t have answer any wedding questions with regards to myself.


Forests and tornadoes


welchThe artificial forest in Scottish rites hall is a pretty good way to start a weekend. Not bad at all. The hall is my favorite venue in Omaha, granted it should be only used for some more “mellow” shows. I don’t know how it would go over with the masons with bigger bands playing there. Acoustic shows in that place are great, Gillian Welch and company, with Connor Oberst. I didn’t know the freaking organ worked in that place, but to my surprise the masons got it to work amazing. I ran into Julie and Sara (two Fridays in row now) they liked the show I think, I certainly did. The only disturbing thing was the 8th grader infatuated with Connor Oberst to point she had a denim jacket with his face and words brighteyes stitched on it, how very 1980’s she probably wasn’t even conceived when original craze of putting stupid band labels on denim jackets started. Ironic, yes it is. The show was great for most part, it was pretty long we left early and missed the “Long Black Veil ” cover.This is very Oberst, last time they had accoustic show in omaha he played a cover of "Always on My Mind ", he played and Jim James from My Morning Jacket sang. This was nice break from the regular electric guitar, bass shows nice and refreshing and acoustic it was different then the show this Friday @ Sokol that’s for them sure.



New Ipods and Itunes

nanoI totally forgot that yesterday was September 12th, well not the date but what happened. It just happened to be new product release date from Apple, including more or less new generation of ipods . I don’t really care about the big 80 GB Ipod to watch the movies; I don’t have attention span or the eye sight to squint my eyes at small screen. I do like the new nano (which looks like smaller mini now) and the shuffle. The clip is pretty neat addition, if you go run or exercise. The most improved release however it the new itunes. Now you can download movies and games. Again this is not that important to me. The multiple libraries, now you have my attention. Backup your music library this is good as well and most importantly software update component no more download of whole itunes downloads. It’s time to blow some money on new 8GB nano and install Linux on my old mini.