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Vice President Shot 78 old man in face……

Omaha is great city to live in if you are a registered democrat. No I mean really, where else can you see your democratic Senator walking around with shotgun in one of the T.V. ads. This is not as outrageous as Pete Rickets claiming he had a regular upbringing, as regular as son of multi-millionaire can have I suppose. Why do I bring this up a) I’m already tired of the commercials on T.V. b) Vice President visited Omaha to shoot some people in face. Well it is the latter. This is what I don’t get. Omaha World Herald, is more or less conservative (emphasize more) newspaper. Ran with the story of how great Cheney is and his support for Jeff Fortenberry ,his oponent Mrs.Moud said the vice president's visit underscored Fortenberry's inability to "stand up" to the administration.

"This fundraiser is a reward for him for staying in line and not questioning the actions of the Bush administration," Moul said.

Little is mentioned about support for Pete Ricketts. I’m sorry Pete no cake for you. I don’t know why anyone would a) make an effort to talk to prince of darkness ( I mean vice president) b) guess what Pete while you might be republican current administration is not so keen on supporting you. BTW way PETE, You should definitely tell me what are my values (this is per his website ) I don’t know why anyone would want to hang out or get endorsement from Dick Cheney. This is the guytumpnelly who shot one of his friends in face with a shotgun. I guess Pete wants to claim some kind of military/gun experience and getting a face full of lead. At the same token it’s disappointing to have Centrist Democratic Senator (read I have no opinion of my own). At least Nelson sports some Trump like Haircut, which is admirable. My prediction Nelson will win by small margin, this should be one of the most expensive race in history of the state.


Tacos and CouchSurfing

Some of you might be familiar about couchsurfing , if you know me for any period of time you can attest to fact I’m huge proponent of the website in specific and idea of such kindred traveling spirit… I have met some of the great friends from this website, Lisa and Jenny who both live in Omaha and many other people who have visited me or some of the other friends in Omaha. Beginning of this August, James’ friend Ian has visited us for several days. The whole visit started badly as James' car more or less exploded … okay I’m exaggerating. Here’s what Ian said about his trip to Omaha.

taco ride“Omaha, NE Aug. 1st or so
I'd say my road trip officially started in Omaha, when I crashed with a James, whom I guided in Bolivia. "Hey you should swing by Omaha on your roadtrip. With sarcasm I thought, "Yeah SURE, I'll come to Omaha, I hear it's beautiful in July!" But I figured, how many times in my life will I get an insider tour of Omaha? Perhaps never, so I was stoked about visiting. James and Rafal (James' roommate) showed me the highlights of the city, particularly the renowned Taco Ride into an Iowa Mexican restaurant at the end of a 10 mile trail. 50 or more people get together to do the ride, it's more of a social thing. The tacos aren't that great, the beer isn't that great, but it's a lot of fun with all the people. We ended up biking 10 miles back, midnight approaching, in the dark, pretty fun stuff. James scored me free tix to the zoo, and Rafal showed me where all the hipsters hang out. Of course I've always been a hipster on the fringe, I'm formulating a proposal to film a documentary of the various hipster scenes of the major US cities, and I’ve seen them in Detroit, Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Missoula, and Seattle so far.


You are an elitist

goodfellasYou are an elitist. This is what I was told last night by an interesting fellow at Elbow Room. Here is the funny part, if it wasn’t for my friend Shannon, who yes is pretty hot, this anti-elitist (joe everyone if you will) would not even talk to me; well actually talk at me in order to pick up on Shannon. (She likes the attention, I think) The elitist statement is kind of misleading and what it really means. It started off by usage of word awesome, which in most part is surfer & hippie word taken into mainstream. Dim and smoky bar is the last place where I expect free vocabulary lesson and proper usage of the words in my lexicon.

Word usage didn’t make me mad though; the conversation that followed did… One of my friends, Lisa was wearing Beatles shirt, now there are many inventions/cultural idioms and ideas which Beatles brought to pop culture. I’m not here to argue to question their place in music/ 20th century culture, whatever I don’t care either way…..It is the pointless to argue about which member of this super group was the best . I know George Harrison is probably the most underrated artist out the quartet. He has written some good songs, “Something” being one of them. Here is where “Joe Everyman” lost me completely, well on that subject. (In retrospect every subject)

I stated that George Harrison is essential for the movie “Goodfellas” and the greatest (okay maybe second greatest) usage of a song in a movie. The scene I’m talking about is dead bodies popping up all over the screen while the piano is playing “Layla” (This is a tie with “The End” usage in Apocalypse Now) Here how George and “Something” ties into the movie. The former song is allegedly about Pattie Boyd, everyone knows that. Everyone also knows that Harrison and Clapton were best friends. Clapton plays lead guitar on “While My guitar gently weeps” one of the better if not the best song from All Things Must Pass . Tragically, Clapton falls madly in love with Harrison’s wife Pattie Boyd and writes whole album for her, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. This is a lengthy explanation but it makes sense. Without Pattie Boyd we would listen to another piano song in that movie I suppose. (Elton John’s Tiny Dance perhaps)



Just when you think that nothing good ever happens in Omaha on Tuesdays, something hits you just like tons of bricks. What I'm referring to is the fact that October is shaping up to be good music month so far. Jenny Lewis is playing October 1st . Then a week later YO LA TENGO …. I guess when it rains it pours. I already seen Jenny Lewis and Twin Peaks Looking Twins but YO LA TENGO is different story all together.

This is huge considering I was just going to write about Omaha World-Herald's Today’s Polls (Will you see Snakes on the Plane? [the movie obviously]) I guess people in Omaha don't like reptilians or airplanes. Who knew…..? Clearly this is important information for everyone to know. Come on everyone. Let's be honest besides sports reporting Omaha World Herald sucks. The only good piece to read is Public Pulse where people usually bitch about a) articles someone else wrote b)comments other people wrote in Public Pulse c) make absolute statements about polarizing issues(abortion sucks, abortion rules, I love George W.) d) combination of all things above(singed with goofy titles like True Patriot, Authentic Nebraskan, Apperent Idiot)

See the problem with OWH in specific and all the media in Omaha is one fold and it is the same across the board. They, them being the media, think Omaha is still small town; therefore they report with small town mentality. Example there has been no less than 15 stories about the expressway just in the newspaper. The stories concluded a) it takes less time to go westbound using the expressways b) expressway is elevated.Just tell me when it opens, honestly I'm not an engineer and I don't care. That is some great investigating reporting. Number two thing which adds to small town perception;(semicolon usage in sentences indicates higher education) if you were either a)born b) lived c) drove through Omaha and you are somewhat famous and just happen to do something in middle of Portugal for example , it is automatically categorized as news ……… Why I have no idea…… But it is.


Chicago Day 2

The world can be divided into two kinds of people, ones who have been to Wrigley field, and ones who haven’t. I don’t want to hear from the apologists and critics telling me how that baseball field is a shit hole, this much any logical person can deduct from visiting the confines just once. The ghetto part is what makes it great, that and 6$ Old styles. The game was sold out and for good reason, Greg Madux pitched. The cubs won, the Cardinal fans looked like someone stole a) their car b) money c) killed their dog. I never really cared about Cardinals or St. Louis, which I’m pretty sure, is named after Louis IX of France. I don’t have problem with French per se, however if the name is French then is should be pronounced (”/s?? lwi/”). As it turned out later, later meaning Monday after 4 p.m. EDT (trade deadline), Madux got traded to L.A. Dodgers for shorts stop . Considering that a) I was not in this country in 1992, the first time he was Cub b) this is probably the only 300 game winner I will see pitch; it was kind of big deal.

So what to do after game, get some grub, presumably deep dish pizza, which we did. Then we set out to find a Hipster bar named The Hideout. My friend Bogey told me this is one of the coolest bars in Chicago, I think that is a relative statement but I was determined to either prove him wrong or be amazed by the place. Finding this place is not that easy, if you don’t live in Chicago. We finally found cab driver who knew where the place is located. The driver was strange fellow, recovering alcoholic, which he told us as soon as we got into the cab. I had feeling that he was an old hippie turned new age music person, I was right. The sounds coming out of the speakers of his car were reminiscent of drunk Grace Slick getting beat with a hose. (Not that I encourage such things…… after Jefferson Starship that lady doesn’t deserve less though) REGARDLESS we found the place which was in middle of nowhere… a relative term I suppose. Let me tell you kiddies, hideout is pretty sweet. It’s like hipster heaven, they had after-hours party for the pitchfork festival hipsters from everywhere, and the best part is 2.00$ old style…. sweetness. The back of the bar has small stage illuminated by Christmas light and cigarette cherries, it had fans and pretty good ventilation….stellar. There was even a band playing, the joggers, the reminded me of Polvo. They were good really good the lead singer had the coolest shorts ever and one of the guitar players had sweet stache.