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Scanner Darkly and street signs

little buddha movie posterWhile out and about last Friday, I was talking to Brendon about the greatest role Keanu Reeves have ever played. No it's not NEO from matrix, or his role in bill in Tedís Excellent Adventure. The best movie he was ever in is Little Buddha where he did play Siddhartha. For one reason or another most popular movie he will ever be associated with reeves is point break. I don't know why, it has its moments I suppose. It makes people run into street sings while walking from brother's lounge. I don't know it's like wooooah dude….. This is sweet whack (you fucker you just walked in to a street sign) Nothing is more x-treme than going from vertical to horizontal in about 1.2 seconds. Why am I talking about movies with the Zen master himself, a) I might have man crush on Keanu Reeves b) I just saw another movie with him. Scanner Darkly. Movie based on the novel by Philip K. Dick. There are several ironies in that movie a)all the actors know how to "act" like drug addicts. b) monotone of Keanu Reeves makes you want to stab my ears with nails. Then I realized the actors who played drug addicts actually done their share, this is documented quite well. The concept of the movie can be summarized in one quote "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" Benjamin Franklin. I'm off to taco ride. Next update most likely from apple store on Michigan ave.


I just came back from my first RAGRAI experience. The whole experience was amazing. The weekend started off bad as a) I forgot my shoes and helmet b) I realized I forgot both of them 40 miles away from Omaha. We (James, his gf Jamie and I) stayed with Team Roadshow, the teams specializes in joggling and riding unicycle, overall they are really laid back, genuine and nicest people that would share things with total stranger like myself. We met up with one of my friends Andrea who was working at the medical tent @ Sgt. Bluff. After riding one stage/day I realized a) this would be easier on road bike b) I took too much stuff onto my backpack. So who knows I might do one next year on road bike. The ride itself is pretty nice and relaxing, spending 5 hours of bike is pretty liberating experience, it gives you time to think about your life and other things on your mind. Almost like meditation in a way.
I'm also really impressed with Jamie, who a) didn't train (or rides bikes that much) b) had a back wheel wasn't true and was grinding most of the 54 miles. I realized this when I took her bike off my car. Fifty miles of that would make me scream. Overall it was great experience. I would like to do it again sometimes for longer amount of time.


20 questions ?

 drunk as fuckThere are certain things that you can predict one you hangout with people or experience certain situations in your life. You also might be surprised by some of the things you never experienced. After a while you know exactly what your friends are going to say in any situation, this axiom is the reason you are friends with a given individual in the first place. The experiences this weekend elicited some predictable and unpredictable responses. Aimeeís couple shower was about two things belly dancing and James and I comical performances. This was predictable since each time Iím at Aimeeís house I act that way for reasons unknown to me. I do not know anything about belly dancing therefore I will keep my opinions about the matter to myself.

We couldnít stay at Aimeeís for long time since we did have a show at the Sokol to catch. Somehow I knew that Steph was going to flake out on me, since apparently weíre not hip enough to be seen with her at place like Sokol. Thanks for vote of confidence Steph. BTW the Cursive show at Sokol was great especially the 10 minute version of "Art is Hard" which ended the show. The only thing which was odd about the performance is comments I heard from several people: I guess cursive is getting old and weíre getting old with addition to who the fuck are all these young kiddies. There are 2 things I could predict about Sokol: a) I will most likely get sloshed on miller highlife to point where I canít see straight b) all the hipster will wear long pants no matter how hot the weather will get.

After the show we went to the Hommy Inn, for the 50th anniversary. Predictably all my friends weíre more or less loaded to point of silly talk and very primitive comebacks. I have realized that a) I was pretty loaded as well b) people simplify things and semantics when they are drunk. The surprising things about the hommy is the fact that Jamie (Jamesí gf) showed up I donít know why that was surprising but at 11pm on Saturday, this was the strangest juxtapose of person and place. The funny thing about Jamie, well actually about Jamieís friends, which James told me about is the game of 20 questions they always ask him each time they meet him. The game 20 questions; one of the best driving long distances games ever invented, somehow gets misinterpreted at other social setting including meeting your friends boyfriend for first time. The question run gamut from usual what do you do? /What would you like to do? To more bizarre such as do you like water? I donít know what kind of person would say no to water. Iím not sure what happens when person answers 20 questions, do they become categorized based on the arbitrary responses? Maybe is this just a social pattern which is used to kill time in awkward social situations. Shrug, I donít know. Since Iím not sure of the answer, I will try to conjure up 20 questions I would ask someone if I meant them for first time. I really do not know what tone my questions should be sarcastic what is your favorite color (most people will say blue or offshoot of blue). Or how serious it should get? What do you thing about current situation in the Middle East? Or cultural loaded? Does devil really wear prada?The whole movie is more or less a take one David Cuplandís book generation-x anyways.


XXX that’s for heat index

Fab 4This week is going to be hot and I mean

Really hot. Why should you care, well if you don't live in Midwest you probably shouldn't. Summer means crazy road trips and good times. Next weekend we will be hitting up RAGBRAI for day of fun riding and beer drinking and general fun. It should be good times for sure…. You know Lance is going to be there OMFG. Yey him. Last week of July the fab 4 is heading to Chicago. This is to switch it up a bit and go binge drinking in another city. What is planned for the great gateway besides trip to friendly confines and apple store ? Time will tell as Megan would say it will be "amazing" I have to quote that since she trademarked the phrase and charges people hefty prize for usage. Whatís better thing to due when it is 100 degrees outside. If you said stay inside, then you are correct however tonight's Cursive show at the Sokol will be packed, sweaty and hot. Speaking of bands, it does suck that Sufjan Stevens is not coming to Omaha on his Fall Tour. In other news, Arcade Fire is working on their new album and spending considerable amount of time on small recording details. Finally there are some great movies coming out Iím looking forward U.S. vs. John Lennon and Leonard Cohen movies.


Death, Taxes and Paper Clips

While driving from work yesterday, I was listining to NPR, quite possibly the best radio station in omaha these days. One of the stories has captivated me, that is a guy trading a paper clip for house. More about this story can be found here , wild and here I am wasting my time working like sucker. On other hand my friend Nick, send me this picture to look at, graphical representation of your tax dollars at work , no doubt this was done by federal employee at work.




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