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3 Worlds completed … beware of fireballs

It’s been a while since I posted anything. In part this was based on two facts; I’ve been busy with many happenings and two I was waiting for some photos from my Friends to post on this site. Well the photos are in the "mail"   so you will have to wait until the electronic postman will deliver them. The only one I can post right now is the picture from Dynamic Duo. James as Luigi and me as Mario. The party was pretty good. Have fun finding all fireballs people, which is our gift to people’s houses we visited. The month of May will be really busy for me. For one I have bunch of graduations to attend first week of May. Following week I will be attending medical school graduation for my brother, which surprisingly has 3 functions we must attend. Right last day of celebration I will be going to Tucson, AZ with my family for family vacations, apartment hunt with Pawel since he will be attending University of Arizona for Residency.  Only to come back to Omaha for 3 days then I’m off to Europe for some Backpacking. I’ve been hitting up Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club for some free places to stay. I guess my next update will be from  Europe. If you like to get post card or you can offer a place for us to stay while I’m in Europe feel free to email me.



If you never taken c++ class this will be kind of nerdy. Regardless, this is pretty funny. Fibonacci Numbers  sequence is one of classic programming assignments for any MIS/CS student. Well you can write little poems called fibs, here is my attempt at it.

great page
to look at
you admire this work
while you sit at your cubicle


Fab Four reunion

If there is one thing which is strange about American culture, it must be placement of adjectives in front of the numbers to increase importance of the event, group or object. You have your sweet sixteen, elite eight, final four, fab five from one of the funniest Bravo Show, and who can forget the dynamic duo occurrences.

Since Omaha is pretty clique place, why not name of the social groups I belong with fancy adjective and number, thus was Born Fab Four. No one knows how who first coined the term, it was probably Megan, but one thing is for sure the term stuck and now is part of my daily lexicon. What is even more important is the Fab Four reunion which is coming up next week. James returns from his 7 month South America journey. Dark magic, Celebration and general Craziness will ensue, starting off with Ides of April.

Just like any good stories, this one has a great start. The first meeting of this group was at classy spot, Hommy Inn (where beer and peanuts are plentiful) and the rest is as they say history. Unlike Gorrilaz or other bands we do not have code names, even though we should.  As of today the group consists of:

  • Megan K
  • James P
  • Sarah D
  • Rafal D 

Now many people have some questions regarding this group:

  • Q: Can I Join Fab Four?
  • A: Well not really since adding or removing a member would not add up to four. So  the short answer is no
  • Q: Do you think it’s silly to name group of you friends?
  • A: Yes it is. But if you don’t get it then it’s too bad for you….
  • Q: Are you guys like the Fab Five from QEFSG?
  • A: No not really while we probably can remodel your "crib" and teach you how to make tasty food, but none of us are organized enough…. And we do not have video camera.
  • Q: OMG, I saw you at the Hommy Inn!! Can I buy you guys a beer?
  • A: Well yes you Can



Opening Day 2006

Okay folks, it’s April 3rd and you should all know what that means. Opening Day of baseball. While I have grown custom to Mark Prior and Kerry Woods starting the season on DL, in way it’s almost as guarnteed as Tax Day April 15th. I will be watching the game. Today my beloved Cubs are taking on the hated Reds. What can you say about those clowns from Cincinnati well not much…. At least their not Canadian.



Once in LifeTime

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what to write about and more importantly what to name the next entry. There were several interesting and compelling titles. One was All Lovers Need Lawyers.  Tribute of sorts for the uneasy situation last Friday, but the temporary emotional instability ceased its importance and the title became irrelevant. My other idea was going to focus on Globalization, largely due to the speech I went to see by Lech Walesa, First President of the 3rd Polish Republic. However sometimes even I admit, my political rants are too much. This Title came to me after seeing Stop Making Sense Movie at Dundee. Once in Lifetime is one of my favorite songs, and strongly speaks about my personal out look on life. This focuses on things which are not material and consumer driven, rather on human experience. Just like David Coupland wrote in one of his books "do not let corporate structure be in charge of your personals experience". This couldn’t be more apparent while sitting at Dundee at 1am drinking an Old Style and having a blast.