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DBT 06 (Round 1) a success

According to 3 attendees of first Annual Dive Bar tour, the event has been tremendous success. Round 2 of the event will commence during Ides of April Now Omaha has many bars for one to enjoy, in some ways the bars are very territorial for most part, sure there is some spillage from one social circle to wander about to different watering holes but it’s not often. Some people might be ask, what makes a good DBT well there is no specific answer to this important question. If you are interested in organizing your own dive bar tour here some items/things which are a must: What to bring

  • 20-30$ for each person attending
  • a car and semi-sober driver
  • positive attitude
  • pack of cigarettes
  • camera
  • if you can’t find the positive attitude just bring an attitude

    What to drink

    • only canned beer
    • old style or any other beer from Wisconsin
    • only 16 oz containers (unless the bar only has 12oz)

    What to Talk about

    • Obligatory concert/music/festival ramblings
    • Stories about "hazy" times
    • Obligatory meaning of life/what are we doing here/what am I doing with my life debate
    • Intense discussion about jukebox cd collection
    • Conversations with the "Regulars" at the bar your are attending

    If you follow these steps you are guaranteed two things

    1. good times
    2. intoxication

    If you like to expand/comment on this guide feel free to do so.


Ides of March week pictures are up

I know you all been dying to see them without further due. The pictures from ides of march week are up. You can see them here […]

Ides of March eve

That’s right today is the eve of Ides of March. Or if you not really keen on Roman way of naming that day, it will be March 15th. There are several important dates that coincide with the ides this year. But I would like to mention the weekend first. As most of you know we entered lent. That can only mean one thing, fish-fries ==> also known as how to get really loaded while standing in line for your fish. That we did, after driving on picturesque tour of North Omaha. Fish fry’s are weird combinations of people. You have your devout Catholics, neighborhood friends, the “fuck yeah” frat guys with case of miller highlife and people who really like

  • fish
  • coleslaw
  • french fries
  • beer
  • combinations of the items above

The smallest group of people attending this year are volunteer and political canditates Remember it’s Mid-Term Elections
This brings me to Jim Esch, who I got to meet this weekend. I did some volunteering for this phone-thon, he seems like pretty good guy, and however his campaign at these early stages is a bit disorganized.
After doing my good deed for the weekend I went to see Jenny Lewis and Watson Twins Two things about the show. I like Scottish Rites Hall (except 3.25$ price for beer) and steel pedal is probably my new favorite instrument. I’m not really a music critic so if you want a review of the show check out March 14th, 2006 | Category: | Leave a comment

Chicago bound july 29-30.

Since i was going to go to chicago this summer anyways, might as well go during Pitch Fork Music Festival

Landing in Chicago’s Union Park this July 29-30, the Pitchfork Music Festival lineup is set to feature thirty-six of the finest artists in independent music on three separate stages. Promising all the hospitality– and economical ticket prices– that’ve become a staple of our events, we’ll be unloading one-day passes for a mere $20, while fans planning to attend both days can scoop up two-day passes at the absurdly affordable rate of $30. Honestly: 83˘ per band. You can’t download a single song for that price– let alone two whole days of them, performed for you live in the afternoon sun. […]

Are you kidding me ……………..

So finally after all this time omaha will be getting Apple Store For those of you who never been to apple store let me tell you it rocks, especially the on Michigan Ave in Chicago. This is just in time, since my Dell Laptop is about to fall apart and i’m planning on buying intell ibook When they will come out later this year. While there is still some debate on all the funtionality/features of this model. I just want a laptop that will not fall apart. One I can take with me to upload photos during my travels. In other news, keep posted for week of chaos updates sometimes next week, as well as Jim Esch volunteering. Before April 10th I will have probably the best write up about Fab 4 […]

This is the year for the Cubs

MESA, Ariz. — Jerry Hairston didn’t have a headache and wasn’t feeling dizzy but he’s going to take a few days to make sure there are no problems after getting hit in the head by a pitch on Sunday. So one would think this would be the cubs year to win it all.After the Reb Sox and the hated White Sox won. Qouting major league, the movie; “What can you say about the White Sox, at least they’re not Canadian” Then I realized that it probably isn’t going to happen, with Kerry Wood’s not being to pitch opening day. Never know what might hit Mark Prior, a comebacker baseball, an UFO, full can of Old Style. As usual Cubs Players getting plunked in the grape and what not and this is just the spring training. Well, what can one do, besides go to wrigley and get plastered. Oh i’m sure the Cubs will be in first or second place in May and then……………. Well there’s always next year. I guess maybe they can make run, highly unlikely but it might happen. TTFN […]