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My friend James has this one saying about that guy.
Directly from his blog Every party or function you go to always has to have That Guy. That Guy is the name that people talk about when remembering a party or whatnot.
The notion of THAT concept has intrigued me, hell I have been that guy once or twice, who hasn’t. Side note, if you say you haven’t then it is quite apparent you are simply lying.

I regress though; James and I were at Chicago last year talking about THAT GUY phenomenon. Everyone knows that great ideas begin with beer. This was not exception. Our grand plan to become multi-thousanoneires
was easy, make Don’t be THAT GUY/GIRL As great as the plan as it was it was destined to fail. Would you imagine some ass clown actually trademarked THAT phrase. Dam him to all eternity.
Fast-forward to this weekend. My brother, Pawel, went to Kansas City. Since Kansas City is much “hipper” place to be they have an Urban Outfitters shop. Wouldn’t you know it, THAT had THAT shirt with THAT GUY
Needless to say, today Iím sporting THAT GUY shirt, making THAT GUY, who trademarked the phrase THAT much richer.


Ugly American Team

I always remembered Olympics being about U.S vs. THEM I also remember when Sara, my girlfriend at the time, made big deal about me not supporting U.S. Olympic Team ==> me being un-American. Well two years have passed, and I have realized for one U.S. Olympic Team is not very good with 1/3 of the medal coming from snowboard events. The problem is not the number of medal but the way Olympics are covered in U.S. Bob Costas really pisses me off with his “dumb down” version of sports explanation. Since U.S. team has been way over hyped, over bodies and over appolloted, the time events which they are not going to win are fill with stories closer to day television drama, then sports update. Olympic motto has always been “Citius, Altius, Fortius”. Which in English means, Swifter, Higher, Stronger as tribute to human spirit. Those values and meaning of them has changed its meaning swifter coverage of over hyped athletes, Higher and unrealistic expectations for your country driven by Nationalism and Stronger Rating then rest of the Networks. […]

ibox progress

I while ago i have discovered probably the funnies and most clever mod for xbox at In fact the mod was so intriguing i decided to mod my xbox in similar fashion. After making weird noises in garage and weird looks from both of my roomates the mod is almost done. Of course it would not be so fun it the xbox looked like an apple but ran stupid MS dashboard. The ultimate goal it to boot Mac OS X86 on the xbox. Why?

    I have to much time on my hands
    I have a xbox
    I’m a nerd and i want play super puzzler figher on my xbox, damm it


More Patagonia pictures posted

I have finaly decided to put up rest of my patagonia. These include ushaia, puerto natales and some Buenos Aires. Check them out here […]

2006 Festival Dates Announced

Straight from ACLFebruary 13th, 2006 | Category: | Leave a comment

So many shows so little time and not enough money

After relatively slow january, well i was gone for most of it so i wouldn’t really know. march and april are shapping out to be good concert months in omaha. Besides Death Cab for Cutie which no doubt will be filled with many 14 year old screamming girls and people who usually don’t go to sokol. We got Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley fame as well as of Montreal , Critieria and Pretty Girls make Graves. Holly Crap I will be broke that is for sure. But i guess that’s how it goes sometimes. […]