May weekend

After yesterday I realized that majority of the routes we have in Omaha are north south bound, or so it seems. Yesterday the wind was straight of the east. I mean super strong wind. I had the plans to ride the first 50 miles of the July Grand Fondo loop but I didn’t start riding until 2:30pm. The wind was just super strong and I really just didn’t feel like going into it.  Instead I chose steady diet of side wind. I tried to get to as many valleys in the loess hills as possible. The recon will have to wait.  I would say that I just don’t really like to ride bikes in the afternoon, any who I had 5 hour to ride so I did that. I was short of that stupid Starve challenge by 3 miles so I just rode the boulevards around my house.

Even though it was sunny the wind made it feel a lot colder than 75 degrees


deacon rd
deacon rd

Earlier in the day MIKO and I walked around LNK as MK ran the 1/2 marathon. It was pretty fun day. The only thing I didn’t like is the finish. Yeah I guess majority of the people get boner about finish at Memorial stadium, but that is stupid idea from crowd management idea. You can see people finish and then you only have 2 wait at 2 gates or everyone to come out. What cluster of people, not a fan, the old finish was way better I thought.  Anyways MK did her best and with busy grad school work she managed pretty good time.  MIKO got a lot of pets from people and some treats. Oh she also got a medal.

Miko done

I could write about how running is more friendly to beginners than cycling but I don’t think I would cover any ground breaking news there. That’s a fact, running is just more accessible. This is pretty good article from Ted King talking about pros and shmos riding together, but is a bit misleading.  You need to blow at least 1500$ in clothes, bikes etc. then you can show up to ride. The cost of equipment is just so much. I mean I remember when I bought my first adult MTB it was 2300$ for full suspension bike that is race worthy, today that’s not even a decent hard tail. Anyways its expansive that’s one of the reasons there aren’t that many junior kids racing. It’s a lot to ask of parent to drop that much money.

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I’m back

So…. It’s been a while. Just haven’t had much of anything to say for a while but that will change.  While Brady, Fred and I guess Now BR are writing some blogs on Friday I won’t because that’s a lot reading for one day.  Plus you know their stories are of valor and termination or something like that I will not make such proclamations here. Plus it’s good to be different

It has been busy couple of months, I’ve been riding slightly less than last year but I think I’m finally coming around on form should be pretty good-by end of May. As an amateur athlete sometimes biking takes a seat back to you know working and family. Plus it’s not like I’ve been tearing it up, last year won some shwag but a lot of it was beer, pasta floor pump and gift certificates to bike shops.  Paying bills with this combo of  items will not work, I tried.  But with work and home stabilizing it’s time for operation domination as Jordan Ross would say.  By domination I mean my usual 3-4-5 finishes locally and most likely having some mechanical issue in middle of woods getting eaten by ticks. That’s my proclamation of sorts for rest of the season. I might even make video of me riding around the city or fixing a flat.

This weekend we went to KC with Paul, Lucas, Lindsay and Emily so see Arcade Fire. It’s been couple of years since we have seen them; they are big venue big show band;  quite a departure  like 10 years ago when they played at Sokol Underground. The trip as great the drive back sucked.

TransIowa was also this weekend as well, by all accounts it was brutal weather if the strong winds didn’t do you in,  the storm at 12:00 AM probably finished what the winds started. To the people who finished I say congrats, that was truly an epic performance.  The thing that surprises me about all these ultra-races is how quiet everyone is during the race.   I know you are out there but come on, if you rode on of those events with me you know I just blab about anything and everything, but that’s okay you can just stare at the nothing and not talk, just don’t get all bend out of shape when I start yapping about something stupid.

This weekend we are going to stinkin Lincoln for the LNK marathon. MK is going to run for 2 hours Miko and I will probably just stare at people … It should be good times.

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Manion CX

This weekend Noah and drove 3 hours to KC to race manion cx.   The race is a good one it’s on side of hill and it’s very challenging and technical in nature you are descending or climbing the whole time.   Briton puts on the event and it’s pretty good CX weekend.

Day 1

It was misting pretty much all the way there. We got to the venue just in time to watch end of the masters race.  People were picking up mud and grass left and right and it wasn’t getting any better. The mist and the rain continued. I decided to throw my limus tires on my disk brake bike and just ride that bike whole race. I should have changed my gearing to something lower but I forgot my Ebb tool so it was going to be 39×17 the whole race.    After pre riding the course I decided to lower my psi to mid-20. I bit of risk but it was getting pretty muddy.  At the start of the race people we just all over the place.  I quickly got ahead of majority of them by running all the off camber section and not even trying to ride them.  That worked out pretty good until Roger Williams passed me. Before the race he told me about the gear ratio he was running and I knew it would be a long shot to keep him off with my heavier gear.  When it rains like this you just don’t want to go slow and you want to keep your laps clean.  The combination of tire pressure and disk brakes allowed me to descent faster and I kept it upright the whole race. Finished 2nd and watched Noah race open. There was usually mess a plenty with no working power washer. Snapped derailleurs people running around with their bikes. Regular muddy mess.    I don’t mind ridding messy races I just mind cleaning up afterword.   Thanks to Terry a Julie Higgins cleaning was a breeze. Those guy have sweet setup for bikes in their Garage and Noah and I cleaned up.  Made dinner and watched Wisconsin Game. I promptly passed out at 945 pm.


If day one was cloudy and cold and damp, day two proved to be hot and sunny. Unlike Saturday Masters had the worst course of the day. IT was muddy and not so fast. But as the day went on the course was getting faster each heat.  I was a bit nervous by Joe Fox proclamation of him and Brian West racing SS race. Both of those dudes are pretty fast and Andrew Lyles is no joke so I was having nightmarish mental image of getting stuck in some sort of Cycle city sandwich. That was pretty much what happened I was 4th going to technical section but after Joe stacked it on one of the sections I was able to get by him and try to take some chances on downhill and technical section. That was working for while I had good gap. Needless to say I might have went out too hard.   Joe got me right before last lap. That was racing for the weekend.  Some things still need to be tightened up but overall better effort than last weekend.



Manion is pretty good venue. Pretty technical and if you riding SS it’s pretty hilly and though.  Free food and free beer and pretty good payout for 3s and open

Lawrence is next on the schedule next weekend. Will see what happens with October

Schedule getting a bit of mix up and government shutdown.


p.s. photos danny iskak and Rouge Lanter


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going to KC

I’m going to K.C. to  race some SS CX. The manion course is fun.. it will be interesting with rain in forecast Saturday. Time to  grab some mud tires and alloy rims

Here’s some NPR Tiny Desk Series with lots of people around it. As Shim would say f-ing hippies

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salsa-off or something along those lines

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog maybe lack of epic ride or self-accomplishment has something to do with that fact but in reality is I have been super busy work/home jury duty it all adds up.   I guess I could write about cx training but that’s the point. Let me paraphrase old futbol saying, 22 man kick a ball for 90 minutes but in the end the Germany wins.  In our small local cx group it would say, bunch of dudes ride around in circles for 60 minutes but in the end Savery wins.   Instead let me focus on review write-up of Salsa event at Green Street the visual juxtapose that happened last Saturday needs to be chronicled.


Let me start off by saying I love beer and salsa since this event had both so what’s not to like. MK and I figured we would attend and try to “win” me a SS frame because it’s seems silly for me not to have such bike.   When we got to Green Street we were a bit taken back, I mean I know this shop is all-city dealer but it seemed to me like all the people (models) from the fine All-city catalog somehow appeared in NODO at this particular event, for moment I thought Kevin Bacon will slide on a fix gear and throw down a big bag of tortilla chips, alas I was let down (secretly) I don’t think I was the only one.

On to the actual salsa tasting/judging competition. The panel had the food critic from Omaha SBH, the salsa QBP sales rep and someone else …. While the judges were stuffing  their faces with salsa and scribbling their observations about each  dish we play trivia which consisted of questions about  salsa the food,  salsa the brand and Games of Thrones ( I guess the MC likes that show/books) Any who since I’m nerd and I read the books it was fine. Megan even won a Mumu (I mean XL t-shirt)

What followed was complete chaos. There are two explanations for what happened. Number one there was free beer and people got schlakered and got the munchies.  Second one, and this is a bit more farfetched  but plausible, is simple a  lot young Jewish people tried to break the Yom Kippur fast right in front of my eyes.   This could be all wrong for all I know; my knowledge of Judaism is via one Of Kevin G.  I let you decide which one is which.  All I know is there was a lot of people and not enough chips. The overall quality of the salsa was great, even with the joker whom tried to kill my gut with ghost pepper salsa.

All kidding aside it was pretty stellar event, well done Green street folks well done. Side note happy bday to Ryan and Roxy, those guys do a bit for MTB community in Nebraska and really they get bitched out more than they deserve and praised less than they should.

Trek CXC Cup is next  bring on Cyclocross season.


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lets ride bike most of the day

Back in the spring when I was riding  all the solo miles getting ready for Dirty Kanza, I would also try to go to both Mills/Fremont county. Both of the counties span across Loess Hills and  have multiple tributaries of Missouri River. While ti’s no Southern MN/Northern Iowa the vista are great. I always liked to  think about sharing what I have found with other people. Finally i convinced enough people who have nothing to do whole day to join me. This would be the longest ride before GW and i really wanted to ride  sweet roads of Mills county.

I think phrases like epic and yonder get thrown out way to often. Usually they reference the same routes with the same people doing the same rides.  Sometimes it’s nice to ride  somewhere new  and not follow wheels. Sundays adventure took us on some roads people didn’t see and I was glad to show some of my friends sweet roads. All and all it was good time it reminded me of how I felt when I finished 2nd GLGA ride couple years ago. Sensory overload good times.

Rolling on the turn

Just rolling along

loess hills exposed

I don’t know at what point someone decides to make road that does only to their house. But I’m glad they did.

BKB chargin

Eric B charging with his BKB kit

bandit cross

Bandit Cross

There is story about this but it was group effort fuck-up  but we all survived and  enamored ourselves in instagram/gravel/yonder  glory.

secret World champion training

Secret World Champion training grounds…

Some of you asked me where are such sweet road. Well I’ll tell you they are outside for you to find them. Once you do you will be just as  amazed as we were…

Thanks for the ride Mark/Paul/LUCAS/ERIC. I’m trying to hatch a loess hill multiday trip in future…

See some of you at local races some of you at GW and some of you at DK50

p.s. come pictures were taken by Paul/Lucas

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